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The walk home.

by Dan Weinberg

Edogawa-ku — Today I lost my hat. Again. After I lost it the last time, I went back to the same shop in Ueno and bought it for the same 800 yen that I paid the last time. But today, I lost that very hat that I went back and repurchased. We weren’t even out clubbing – just getting dinner and a drink. Yet, my hat is still just as lost as it was when it descended into the void that is Ageha (said void now holds m...

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City Lights Circus at Sunset

by Andi Surwi||o

Wien — Living in a busy city, rushing every day from one place to the next, I like to stop sometimes, just for a moment, and look around. Even the busiest crossroads can make us smile.

City lights, Architecture, City views

Inside the city

by Etaoin Shrdluc

Rio — From the atlantic forest, the sounds only penetrate the night, ricoching from mountains between towers, suspended and still in the air. Beneath the darkness, a Pão de Açúcar, that even the endless s...

Balconies, City lights, Views from a window

Friday night lights

by Abhishek L

Bangalore — Another long week passes. The view from the balcony of a more than welcome Friday night, the silence of the night only broken by crickets preying on the street light. Happy weekend, everybody :)

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