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"Shoot for the Moon. If you miss, you'll still be among the Stars."

by Andi Surwi||o

Wien — I don’t remember who said that (cf the quote in the title), but it is important: Don’t accept to be average! Be at your best, every day! Be curious! Be bold! Don’t ever give up! above all … Start now! Now!

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Bandung Festival 204th

by AMYunus Mas

Bandung — That night was the 204th birthday of Bandung city. It was held at Dago street. I think the picture said much more than ‘it was so crowded’. Beside the stage at front, government also provided space a...

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Features Every City Must Have

by AMYunus Mas

Central jakarta — I began to love enjoying cities by walking since I visited Bandung. Then I tried the same way at Jogja. The result was amazing. I fell in love both. They are amazing, though I love Bandung more than J...

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You may call it Jogja, or Jogjakarta, or Yogya, or Yogyakarta, or Ngayogyakarta.

by AMYunus Mas

Yogyakarta — The next lovely city in Indonesia after Bandung, in my personal opinion. Why do I put Jogja after Bandung? Because Jogja has lack of public transportation to help you getting around the city. In Bandu...

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