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City Walk, Typography

A little bit of everything

by Michael Silva

New orleans — There are a bunch of things I love about this sign. Sure, the letters are of varying weights, the weight of the H is unbalanced, and the N has an extra serif on the bottom right that makes it reversible (if you rotate it 180 degrees it looks exactly the same), but the things that are wonky are consistently wonky. It’s also clear that someone put a lot of thought into the sign. It takes up the enti...

san francisco, City Walk

Golden Gate Bridge from SF bay trail

by Héctor García

San francisco — I LOVE walking for hours. It is one of the best ways to discover interesting places and learn to move around in a new city. We walked from Embarcadero until this bench by the sea. The timing was perf...

street Dogs, City Walk, Rain

The dog and his thoughts

by Carlos Díaz

Bogotá — We were walking with my girlfriend Downtown when I saw him. Staring to the emptiness; so melancholic, that I couldn´t resist to take a picture. He was so still that I decided to get closer, but sudden...

City Walk


by Michael Silva

San francisco — I’ve often felt that the whole of human existence is solely to provide and abundant food source and endless entertainment to the various members of the genus Corvus (crows and ravens). How else can yo...

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