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sea, cliffs

Man is the Measure of All Things

by David Wade Chambers

Princetown — Even the mightiest of cliffs.

Ocean, cliffs, nature

Almost trapped by the incoming tide

by Jonathon Reed

Étretat — I took shelter in a sea-level cave, but the rain stopped as quickly as it had started. Before long, I was back in the sun, exploring the low-tide beach. The weather continued to change quickly throug...

Ocean, Morning, cliffs

Enjoying the morning wind and watching the tide roll in

by Jonathon Reed

Étretat — I awoke, stiff and thirsty, to light breaking through the clouds. The wind, which some part of me had always believed would die down, pounded tirelessly against the lean-to. I retied my bandana and st...

sunrise, hiking, cliffs

Taking in the morning sun above the valley

by Jonathon Reed

Gorgier — I awoke to a small orange band in the east caught between the horizon and unyielding clouds; a small piece of the sunrise I had imagined. I set up my tripod and walked in circles, waiting for the sun ...

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