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Um café, por favor.

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — Good morning, what will you have today? It’s another Tuesday morning, which I’ve decided to spend working from a coffee shop in North Greenwich. I arrived there a bit later than usual, so the good seats were already taken. I sat near the very busy and loud counter, which is alright; I can work well listening to the noises of the klinks and the klanks of the equipment that prepares my daily fuel, ...

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Searching for Portland's soul

by Rian van der Merwe

Portland — This is my first visit to Portland, and the stakes are high. Our family made the decision to try to leave South Africa and move back to the US. Portland is our current city of choice, and I’ve been se...

Coffee, Coffee Shops, Portland

I love immersing myself in a new town's coffee culture.

by Rian van der Merwe

Portland — We arrived in Portland just over a week ago, and I feel different. Happy. Restless. Confused. Excited. Apprehensive. That’s all part of the deal, of course. Moving countries is not for the faint of he...

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Today's Coffee

by David Wade Chambers

Torquay — What’s that dirty old piece of wood, painted red, on the wall of Today’s Coffee Shop? Well, when you are in one of Australia’s surfing capitals, you can expect to see prized old surf boards used as d...

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