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pyjamas, Comfort, habits

My favourite article of clothing.

by Mariah Hillis

Saskatoon — The other day I was at a friends place late in the day and I was helping her clean her place. While I was cleaning I came across a pair of cute pyjama’s and I held them up and said that they were cute...

grocery store, Comfort, Solitude

Comfort of the Back Corner

by cgerben

San francisco — On Saturday nights, when the day’s sunshine is giving way to darkening skies, and the not so distant foghorns scout the incoming marine layer before it reaches us inland, the streets feel like a hushe...

Family, Holidays, Coffee

Tidings of comf.. coffee and joy

by Paul Farmiga

Passaic — Grandma doesn’t complain ever. She did comment that the “coffee” at the senior rehabilitation center isn’t exactly close to what she usually enjoys at home. Merry Christmas Grandma, here’s to being on...

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