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Family time

by Christine Herrin

Santa clarita — Don’t let the alcohol fool you — it wasn’t a super happy moment. Well, actually, maybe it was. The overall mood was heavy; Auntie A had collapsed a few days prior and was now in the ICU, and in a coma.1 I got a message from my cousin with the news, and sent it to my mom right away. Less than 12 hours later, she texts me: “We’re flying in.” (You know it’s a big deal when they decide in less tha...

Conversations, World Affairs, Culture

"I'm from Libya," he said. I don't know what to say. It's as if he'd told me he'd just come from his father's funeral.

by sophie knight

Tokyo — There are places whose names have a palpably tragic resonance; places you only know from the news, places that you saw plastered across front pages, gouged heads dripping blood, F16s swooping over he...

Culture, Travel, Conversations

On conversations that feel like they are changing the world

by Dani Z

L'alt penedès — One of my favorite things about traveling is the conversation. It’s not just that the conversation with fellow travelers tends to veer toward the substantive and intimate, it’s that when it happens yo...

Conversations, Pizza

Girl talk

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — A lot of the best conversations happen over pizza. And beer. (A lot of beer.) Good to see the girls again; we always seem to get together when there are new stories to tell. Ahhh, stories. My fav...

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