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Of Pancakes

by Jace Cooke

Boulder — The process starts with a 37-year-old electric griddle, almost certainly a wedding gift, received when he was 21 but looked 16, hours after walking Mom down the steps of the Naval Academy Chapel. He can tune the heat within 2 degrees, knowing just which temp creates that pure golden underside, haloed in brown as the first bubbles form on top. When the surface stabilizes, he sends a slug of butte...

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Talk about feeling conspicuous!

by Adrian Tribe

London — I had the day off work today, as I had arranged to take my wife to a craft show at Earls Court Olympia: the Knitting and Stitching Show. This is the kind of thing that I knew she would really enjoy, ...

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This traditional quilt, pretty old, grows on me every time I look at it. Love the dark side.

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — The style is apparently called ‘log cabin’. It resides on John’s bed which you will notice hangs from the ceiling on four strong chains.


To create or not to create.

by Alex Trisnayuda

Munich — Today, at Munich creative fair, seeing lots and lots of people (myself included) buying all those craft supplies, I caught myself wondering: Why do people craft?

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