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Weird shit going down in Kiba today. Police barricading several blocks.

by Chris Palmieri

Tokyo — NHK reporting that a man was found dead early this morning, sitting in a stopped car, apparently beaten about the face. Police have blocked off a 300 meter perimeter with blue tarps.

Terrorism, Crime, Current Events

One day-One Hour- One Minute- It will happen. It is inevitable. Except it already has.

by Matthew Alvis

San francisco — I woke up today at 6:30AM, eager to start my day. Unusual, or me, I turned on the television. It had never came across to me that today would be any different. Until it happened. Until I heard it. Orl...

Crime, Cities, Tenderloin

If you live in San Francisco, you know to avoid Eddy and Leavenworth Street... *stab*

by Matthew Alvis

San francisco — So. If you got this. The Tenderloin is what I’m talking about. 70% of violent crimes (and very cheap rents wink wink), but this is the REALLY bad area. You try to avoid it, your going from The Financi...


Esperanza Aguirre, ex mayor of Madrid,yesterday, parked her car on the bus line. While she was being fined she fled the police control driving over a police motorbike .

by Jose Luis Pindado

Madrid — She argues that in Spain police is very macho. She needs something more than testing the eyes.

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