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Walking with my shadow.

by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — How many people pay attention to their shadow? Sometimes so clear and sure, sometimes nothing but a wispy hint. For some reason, I started noticing today as I walked home from work. The street lamps painting a dramatic silhouette on the rough gravel. I saw a tall, masculine shadow beside mine, but when its master walked past, I realized “he” was a small Japanese lady much shorter than I was. Sha...

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Bringing out the nicer dishware for a New Year's lunch party.

by Yiling Ding

Hong kong — Usually, when it is late at night after a long day of work and I am sitting alone in my Tokyo apartment, I am eating from a plastic bento box with disposable chopsticks. The less dishes to wash the be...

daily life, sleep


by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — I come from a family of big sleepers. My 96-year old grandfather goes to bed early, wakes up early, and always takes a nice long nap every afternoon. My father used to drive home for lunch every day, ...

Food, daily life, nostalgia

Food. Memories.

by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — This plate of pasta was one of my favorite things in the world in college. Hot, tomatoey, comforting. At $17 a plate, it didn’t come cheap, but it was my little luxury. My “petit zeitaku”. Thinking b...

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