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Depression, loneliness, Heartache

As I drifted to sleep last night, I wished my heart would just stop beating while I slept.

by Dan Rubin

Southend-on-sea — I wrote the lines above yesterday morning, after a particularly bad night’s sleep. As I write this, I’m sitting on a train heading into London, to spend the night with friends in Kennington. Tomorrow morning, a car will pick me up and take me to the ITV studios, where, at 11am, I’ll do a segment on live TV, teaching the hosts a little about photography. I’m not nervous about this — I’ve spent so ...

Today's Coffee, Depression

Coffee for Depression

by David Wade Chambers

Queenstown — Sitting one morning at this coffee place (pictured above) in the ‘extreme sports capitol” of New Zealand, the table seemed almost to vibrate in resonance with the exhilaration of those heading out for...

friendship, home, Depression

Friendship is not developed though time, rather moments of time.

by Vivien Leung

Berlin — Sitting in the corner of a cafe, observing, I try to reflect if I am enjoying solitary, or struggling another day of loneliness. ‘Friendship is not developed through time, rather moments of time.’ I...

Depression, Mental Health

What Nobody Tells You About (Debilitating) Depression.

by Sel X

Accra — These days there is a lot of talk about depression everywhere. A lot of campaigns that raise awareness and erode stigma. Campaigns that tell you its okay to feel like this, you’re not alone, there are...

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