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Santa Fe Style, City Life, desert

High Desert Chaparral: Santa Fe Style III

by David Wade Chambers

Santa fe — The scrubby chaparral landscape that surrounds Santa Fe, with snowy mountains in the near distance, is a dominant feature of life in this little city in the desert. The elevation of 7200 feet means that Santa Fe is nearly half a mile higher than Denver, the famous mile high city. The Sangre de Cristo mountains are the southernmost range of the Rockies, and its highest peaks range from 12 to 15 ...

desert, Nomadic Life, Mindfulness

Out at the edge of the world the stars rise and set unseen; where the plants are born to die...

by Kimberly Markley

Fields — I had come to sit in the void, to watch the clouds fight & pile up on each other. To be an audience to the vast nothingness and let the stillness seep down into my marrow. But instead my brain was...

desert, Travel

It rained in a desert

by Hiroko Ogawa

Riverside county — We went to joshure tree national park by car. it was around 3 hours’ drive from L. A. It was my first time to visit a desert. So I thought it must have been hot, but it wasn’t. It was a rainy day. Ins...

desert, girls, abandonment


by rebel green

Bainbridge island — A gas tank nearing empty and disdain that can’t be controlled, you fold Pulled by the desert’s cold into a bar saturated with stovetop grease Your expertise is in affliction and in marrow of the dis...

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