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Holidays, Discovery

The pool is getting a break

by Paul Baron

Penna in teverina — It’s seeing a lot of activity these days, especially from this duo of 5 year olds. One of them can already explore its depth, while the other explores how far he can swim without his dad’s help. 「いやだ」On day one, Eliyo had a complete distrust of the elements and himself. 「待って」On day two, he warmed up to the idea that swimming wasn’t too horrible even when the pool was deep. 「もういっかい」On day three,...


When you realize that it is really only your own demons that trip you up. That it is, in fact, true that the universe wants you to succeed.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — Cowboy up, Princess. You got this.

Travel, Discovery, Family

To discover my roots I went up.

by Jannike Curuchet

Stockholm — Stockholm, we thought, would be a great place to travel to in Easter, plus I have some family there so we’d had a place to stay. So started a journey that would bring me closer to a family I knew ver...

Discovery, Prose

It would be easier to remember the chords if I could stop giggling.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — But I returned to the apartment long past the witching hour, went to bed laughing and woke up smiling. It is like a breath I didn’t know I was holding. And this guitar that became mine on one lover’s ...

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