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Karma bitting back?

by Paul Baron

Akiruno — After years of mocking ugly pet dogs, the kind that grannies like to keep, the kind that seems to have been crossbred with rats rather than descended from wolves, one of them took it upon himself to bite back and make me regret my years of unkind thoughts. As I crossed the street to the convenience store opposite the train station where we were waiting for our ride back to Tokyo after a gruelling...

Puppies, Dogs, animals

Sweater puppies

by Colin Wright

Bangkok — You can make a lot of judgements about a city based on how the animals who live there are treated. It’s not an absolute metric for civilization, of course, but as a general rule, the places I’ve been...

Dogs, balcony gardening

The perfect spot.

by Aafke Mertens

Amsterdam — We are renovating our kitchen and our living space is now confined to our sleeping room and the living room that has become the ‘everything room’. I was working on the couch and calling with a client,...

Dogs, Purdy, Old films rule everything around me


by Robin Rendle

Nottingham — Whenever I watch a movie or a tv show set in the past I like to wonder how the same event might take place but under more technically advanced circumstances. Take for example a show set in the 1920s ...

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