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Friends, Drinks, bars

Small bars are cosier.

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — After a sweet walk through Mushashikoyama with some friends, we ended in this small izakaya where they had strange tables: two levels. You could drink standing and sitting. The sitting stand was funny and cozy. But we might have done something wrong. Maybe the lower level was meant for your bags. Or, as we saw when some other guests arrived, to have your dog sleeping there… Oh well, we had a goo...

Drinks, home, Family

Who needs fancy glassware?

by Gabe Bullard

Mascoutah — There’s something strange about drinking whiskey from a glass you used for milk twenty years ago, when you could barely lift the gallon jug. It seems a little discomforting. It could be immensely sad ...

Drinks, chocolate, convini food

A chocolate bar in drink form.

by Tim Lindenschmidt

Chigasaki — First of all, sorry for potato. I’m a fan of chocolate. I’m a fan of drinks. I’m a fan of one snack item flavoured like a snack item from a different category. Stew-flavoured potato chips… I can’t ...

wine, Winery, Missouri

Undiscovered wine country is my favorite wine country.

by Colin Wright

Hermann — There’s an amazing little wine country tucked away in Missouri, just along the river, between Columbia and St. Louis. The main hub of the area is Hermann: a quaint Germanic town, founded in some vagu...

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