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Today's Sunrise, Driving, Roadtrip

Navigating the Great Ocean Road

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Daybreak is perhaps the best, but certainly not the safest, time to do this. Plans for the day: an hour to surf, 5 minutes to swim, and coffee at every single place with a view!!! Taken through the windscreen.

Driving, mountains

Sunday drive along Tujunga Canyon, Calif.

by Red Tango

Los angeles — Just a few minutes from my home, I decided to take a drive along Big Tujunga Canyon Rd this past Sunday. The clouds were looking magnificent as a storm was slowly approaching that afternoon, sending u...

places, Baseball, Driving

This is where I travel these days.

by Marlon Jones

Taunton — I few years ago, I thought there was no baseball in the UK, but in fact, even in our area of the South West, there are a handful of fields of varying levels of refinement. We have our own pitching mo...

Travel, thinking, Driving

stillness in motion

by Max T

Richmond — Travelling is our way of life. We spend hours on buses, trains, air planes and cars. We sleep, read books, talk on our phones, write emails, and shake our fists at our fellow drivers. We are a gener...

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