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The Sixties, drugs

Another Sixties Flashback

by David Wade Chambers

Cambridge — In 1960 I entered the Graduate program at Harvard. The next year I was recruited by Richard Alpert of the Psychology Department to become a subject in an experimental program involving the ingestion of LSD. He was a young man, not much older than I, with black horn rimmed glasses and an attractive smile. He said the session would last about eight to ten hours. I arrived in the early evening, ...

Fiction, drugs

I dream of psychedelic swans.

by N G

Santa barbara — Chapter 1 : Golden Caps April 19th, 2000 The morning started off with 1/8th ounce of mushrooms at 9 AM followed by a a tall glass of local fresh squeezed orange juice. They are the finest Golden Cap ...

science fiction, drugs

At first, I could only see the sky and some kind of lamp. Allocation varied, but this dose was strong.

by N G

San francisco — It usually starts with a view of the sky. Maybe because I always wake up on my back. You would think they could at least put you in a chair or something. Maybe it adds to the authenticity of the exper...

drugs, Understanding, Empathy

There is a difference between your choice and accusing one of force.

by Henk Holveck

Los angeles — I first moved states away from my hometown approximately 5 years ago, completely alone. The reason, well for one I had such ambition and drive to become a photographer for a very well known company an...

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