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San Juan Sans Swallows

by David Wade Chambers

San juan capistrano — My partner Paul (that’s him in the blue Polo shirt) and I have been visiting friends and family up and down the coasts of southern California. This weekend we caught the train in San Juan Capistrano where the ‘old’ train station shares a parking lot with the ‘old’ mission. The famous swallows, however, were nowhere to be seen. As many will remember, these local swallows were commemorated in the...

ecology, bugs, Humor

Purple versus Emerald Green: Repeat after me "Grasshopper, grasshopper go to hell!"

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — The Emerald Ask Borer: We speak of it so often we need an abbreviation so it will trip more quickly from our tongues - EAB! The Emerald Ash Borer, native to Northern China, has begun to invade Minnes...

ecology, minnesota, Lake Superior

No porta-potties this year; a sign we have renounced our foolishness and nature has healed?

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — Not much remains this year of the once huge annual smelt run at this end of Lake Superior. For years these 4 to 9 inch invaders caused a big sensation each spring. Some years residents on Minnesota Po...

nature, ecology, minnesota

Copper, nickel, platinum, silver and titanium: Another Faustian bargain with the Devil for the wild beauty and health of Minnesota?

by Ken Jackson

Grand marais — Yes, I confess as I begin, I have an iPhone in my pocket and an iPad on my lap. ( probably not the places for them if I still planned on having children) which require copper, nickel, platinum, silver...

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