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Empathy, communication, relationships

Struggling to understand some people's coping mechanisms. Perhaps it's best to give them space and let it run it's course.

by Sonia

Hong kong — Open communication, is quite possibly the most important element of any healthy relationship. Without it, you face unfortunate misunderstandings, pent up frustration and unnecessary stress which all l...

religion, Family, Empathy

A Candle for Your Thoughts

by Ricardo Magalhães

Berlin — Right this very moment, 2626 kms away from where I’m standing, there is a very high possibility that a candle is burning for me and my wellbeing. Day and night, I know that it burns so that I will be ...

drugs, Understanding, Empathy

There is a difference between your choice and accusing one of force.

by Henk Holveck

Los angeles — I first moved states away from my hometown approximately 5 years ago, completely alone. The reason, well for one I had such ambition and drive to become a photographer for a very well known company an...

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