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Loss, Politics, England


by Steve Dearden

Toronto — I am a long way from home, went online to see how England had done in the European Cup game and learnt the terrible news of the attack on Jo Cox MP then, minutes later, her death. This photo taken yesterday is how I have felt all today.

England, summer

Time to say goodbye

by Nick K

Leamington spa — Sad to hear of this website’s demise. Have not been active the past few years to be honest. Life (and a new addition to the family) gets in the way sometimes. Our daughter was born in Tokyo. Before sh...

England, Europe, Politics

Have I flown from darkness into light or from light into darkness?

by Steve Dearden

Manchester — We’ll find out on Friday. In Thursday’s EU Referendum I will vote remain, for political and personal reasons. Political English history is 1500 years or so of mostly blokes trying to organise thems...

Prose, England, Sundays

A quintessential Southern English town. Beautiful and ancient.

by Aaron Davies

Chichester — It’s the quintessential English view. More specifically, the quintessential Southern English view. A thousand-year old cathedral towering over formal gardens, a symbol of Norman power to cow the local...

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