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stone, Architecture, environment

Local Stone

by David Wade Chambers

Telluride — Stone is a fundamental reference point for the concept of fixity: set in stone, permanent, immovable. Yet from ancient times humans have been carting heavy stone from place to place. The Inka transported huge stones over distance; indeed, in the last days of their empire, stone, was quarried south of Cuzco and then moved north over 1000 K to what is now Ecuador. Ancient Roman stone was moved ...

Travel, environment

What this place did to me.

by Daniel Milnor

Tambopata — You can’t hear it. I know you can see it, but you can’t hear it and that is the problem. You’ve seen it before. Heard the story before, but perhaps you never stood in this exact place and heard what ...

minnesota, Humor, environment

A surreptitious pee?

by Ken Jackson

Duluth — I donned full winter layers and braved 19° F. temperatures to witness the Cornelia glide under the Aerial Lift Bridge. Consider this cautionary tale the Cornelia brings to mind, fellows, if you think...

environment, Hong Kong, Opinions

Tackling Hong Kong's Waste Problem

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Hong Kong produces 9,000 tons of waste a day according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The government has responded by expanding current landfill sites in Tseung Kwan O and Ta Kwu Ling for HK$...

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