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Sanctuary, Stillness, Escape

Silent sanctuary in the madness of the working day . . .

by Hadge Hughes

Lancing — One of the privileges of my job is the opportunity to here and there escape the rush of the need for now and sneak away into silence - the silence of the sacred still centre. Thomas Moore said, “Silen...

Shopping, Escape

Another world.

by Gully Foyle

Tokyo — Amazing, our ability to cast our thoughts and senses to a different place and time, despite our bodies being where they are. I stopped for a moment to appreciate these two escapees, in seats on the m...

Escape, Beach

Do you have a safe place?

by Paul Baron

Colleville-montgomery — I don’t mean a safe room in your house, but rather the little spot that your mind withdraws to when you need to escape the ambient craziness, or all the things that keep you from sleeping. I have a s...

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