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A bomb gone off on Istiklal ...

by Charlie Grosso

Istanbul — Istanbul - Turkey All week my inbox has been peppered with state department warnings in anticipation for Norwruz, the Persian New Year Celebration this weekend. Istanbul is on high alert after last week’s bombing in Ankara. Several embassies have been closed since Friday, events canceled, including a TEDx talk I’ve been helping a Syrian friend rehearse. Facebook groups for expats living in the ci...

china, Expat, poetry


by Nicole Zhu

Beijing — By now, I know the safety video By heart and have a standing date with a TSA officer. I kiss my sweet American wifi good-bye. It’s time To fly back to the Great Firewall of China To usher in the ...

Hong Kong, Family, Expat

Family Away From Home

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — I was at black tie event a few weeks ago with the “Sai Kung Crew” to support a friend of ours who was hosting a Tennis Ball at the Hong Kong Football Club. Everyone was dressed their best in tuxedos, ...

Expat, TCK, china

Sunrise over Tiananmen Square (2012)

by Nicole Zhu

Beijing — Post-prom was a shitshow, but somehow we all dragged our drunk asses to Tiananmen Square for the flag raising at 4:45 am (coolest prom tradition anywhere). I’d always imagined that the square would be...

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