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God, Devil, Faith


by Lourdes Muñoz

Guatemala city — Tu gran truco, tu triunfo en estos tiempos es hacernos creer que no existes, prefieres ocultarte y que grandes poderes operen a traves de ti. Pero ahi estas, siempre activo, no te cansas de querer gan...

Faith, religion, Family

An agnostic's view of organized religion

by Connie Tsang

St. thomas — Mom is a Catholic. Kind of. For as long as I’ve known her, she hasn’t been to church, always complaining it was “too boring, that she can always pray at home and doesn’t need a building and other peo...


Faith at the end of the day- Opening up

by Jace Hart

Fort worth — When you are no longer able to fell the life as it comes simply because of getting numb to change. Everything down the road has bought one to the true meaning of life. No matter how long it takes or w...

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