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magic, Fantasy, history

Fishbowl effect

by Jess Hutton

Salt lake city — As you get closer to the mountains, to the heights tall enough to catch and hold the cloudwash like sea foam, you can remember how the creatures in the Great Salt Lake felt, looking up through the filtered light, through their watery home, to the vast blue sky beyond. It’s not suffocating, living underwater, under clouds, this way. It’s close and comforting and you can see clearly across the expan...

science fiction, Fantasy

Super Nova

by Lone Wolf

Kōtō-ku — In the heart of the super nova a baby star was born, and with it the light of it’s soul.

Daydreams, Fantasy


by Anja Bryant

Stockholm — As I’m sitting here, with a sky full of stars above me, I can’t help but wonder about what will happen to me. Not about when and where my ashes will be discharged; seems a little far fetched. No, I’m ...

Fantasy, Dreams


by Anja Bryant

Stockholm — My whole body & soul throbs after new surroundings and scenery. All the new people, all the new memories. People with different backstories, different goals, different flaws, and potential. Unique...

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