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Waiting To Delete

by Paolo Dy

Manila — I’m on minute twenty-one of waiting for the app’s operation to finish. Despite my phone’s 128 gigabytes of storage — which I had considered massive for, oh, about two days — I now have to clear out a ...

kids, Fatherhood, Travel

We shall walk together but for a while, and then you will find your own path.

by Paolo Dy

Manila — My son is in his playpen, bopping along to the beat of the tune streaming from the computer. I was searching for stock music that my theater-director wife could use as pre-show house music for her upc...

photography, Fatherhood, nostalgia

Non-Euclidian ping-pong

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Rüschlikon — I have made a book. It comprises pictures of you, from being very small in your mother’s womb to your present glory of turning 18 soon. Supposedly, making this kind of book is totally easy. You send ...

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