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Gyms, Fire

I had forgotten why I stopped going to gyms

by Steve Dearden

Leeds — Our boiler’s broken. As the man with the parts is not due until the same night as the man with the presents, we have taken out the 12 Days of Christmas quid-a-day offer at our local gym, so we can at least wash between shivers. I have forgotten the things that irritated me so much I stopped going to the gym years ago. The way blokes make the changing room, the steam room, the sauna sound like wa...

Fire, Cultural Value, Bravery

I've never been in, I wasn't there, this isn't my photo, but ...

by Steve Dearden

Leeds — Every time I think about the fire at Glasgow School of Art I am coursed by a wave of emotion. When other iconic, loved, beautiful buildings or works of art have been destroyed my mind did a casual re...

Flames, Fire, photography

The roar

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — On the evening of January 12, 2006 a factory near my place caught fire. Like hell. Never seen anything like it. Miraculously, nobody got injured. 30 million Euros went down the drain, one department o...

Winter, Fire, Family

Chasing away the cold of winter

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — It’s hard to describe the unique joy of skating between maple trees frozen in the ice, crossing one leg over the other and chasing embers through the dark. I’d never experienced anything like it. The ...

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