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Travel, Fishing, childhood

As a kid, I loved fishing. Do I want to start doing it again? 

by Shu Kuge

Shinano — For J.’s birthday, we took a two-day trip to Lake Nojiri in Nagano. The lake is surrounded by tall mountains, and we didn’t see any unsightly developments. It turned out that C.W. Nicol, a Japanese wr...

Fishing, Prose, Life

This is James town , a fishing community in Accra...

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — A lot was going on at the beach … But mostly people preparing their boats for fishing, and fishermen sewing their nets. We settled on the boats ashore, trying to understand all the activities going o...

birds, Fishing

Snow in the Gulf.

by Michael Vagnetti

Venice — In Florida I read Jim Harrison. Even though I’m from Michigan, I read him here. The fisherman looks like an alternate Jim, perhaps, his rod flanking the bill of a dip-fishing snowy egret on the pier....

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