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Reading in airplanes.

by david frança mendes

Curitiba — Are you like me, you panic if you don’t have a book with you on a flight? I don’t remember the last time, if ever, I boarded a plane without reading material. Lots of it. Usually I would carry on at least the book I’m currently reading, or the books I’m currently reading if I am into more than one at once and neither of them conquered my full attention, and at least one option (but often more than...

Flying, Paper

Do you remember how to make a paper plane?

by Shu Kuge

San francisco — For this episode, I actually made some paper planes, but it was harder than I remembered. When it flew well, I felt as if some kind of magic took place. Well, it was a magic.

history, Flying, postcards

Flying from Paris to London, 1910 style

by Adrian Tribe

Sevenoaks — Regular visitors to Hi will know that I have a thing about historical postcards. Personally I think they are a much-neglected source of historical evidence that deserve greater study, although there ...

words, Eyes, Flying

"a case of mistaken identity..."

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — What I see in my mind’s eye is that I am still in the process of dissecting a moment, and as I bring my scalpel of language to cut open this moment about the word mesmerized, just as when Salvador Dal...

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