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fun, Camping, circus tent

One with the steppe.

by Sam Wolinski

Ulaanbaatar — After months of being teased by the tent master with invitations to set up Waldo the circus tent (while I was stuck in the desert), I finally got the chance at an end of summer party thrown by a friendly group of Australians. It was worth the wait.

games, mac, fun


by Paul B


Architecture, fun, games

Generations of Fun

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Oddly enough, the game is older than the house.

escape rooms, Melbourne, fun

Evade Reality in One of Melbourne's Escape Rooms

by Margaret Swanton

Melbourne — They put you in a dark room, might even handcuff you, lock the door, and start the clock. That’s it. You have an hour to escape, or else … A little over a year ago no one suspected that escape-rooms ...

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