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You can tell the future by looking at the back cover of a book.

by Luis Mendo

Tokyo — Yesterday a friend pulled a book out of a shelf in the bar we were at. It was a volume about Pablo Picasso and on the back cover the publisher had the brilliant idea of placing a photo of Picasso’s right hand. My friend shot this picture and I started wondering if our palm lines (Pablo’s and mine) would have some similarities at all, which could led me to think what my future life would be like. ...

Art, Future

For his last installation about the future, I made a 'currency converter' out of an eyelash curler, gum pick, and a flashlight.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — This time it’s a Junk Mail Machine that needs copy, so my imagined future need is: a premium roadway pass so you and your family (in your driverless car) can relax in the safety of the inner traffic l...

Family, Future, gratitude

I was here.

by Nate Gerber

Toronto — Hi futurelings, human or otherwise. I want to share with you that today is a beautiful day. Here in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the sun is shining through gentle clouds and my skin feels war...

Future, Architecture, climate change


by David Wade Chambers

Southbank — The Melbourne Art Centre spire seemed dank and cold this morning till this hot air balloon suddenly appeared to keep it company. I’d say this augurs well for the day, wouldn’t you?, but I don’t hold...

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