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Some days are like that!

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — It ain’t Madison Square Garden, but we had a front row seat for this match. When kangaroos of this size box, it’s usually a dominance issue, not just playing around. The guy on the left has just thrown a quick double punch to the chest; The guy on the right is following with a jab to the belly with his left foot.

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Late Autumnal Rose

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — All was dewy in the garden this morning including this very late blooming “Oklahoma” rose. After admiring its tiny drops gradually coalescing into little pools, I decided to take a picture for my ‘To...

Cherry Blossom, garden, gardening

4 Curious Facts About Japanese Cherry Tree You Probably Don’t Know

by Evelyn Jenson

Manchester — Cherry blossom, Japanese Cherry Tree or Sakura is a symbol of hope and renewal. This tree marks the arrival of spring each year and you can see it in it’s full beauty from late March to early May. Jap...

garden, Snow, Munich

The Icing on the Kleingartenkolonies Cake

by Tanja P

München — Hi. As a kid, I loved construction and I loved miniature. I would make miniature tents from straws (for bears, because apparently bears slept in straw beamed tents). I was never into dolls, courtesy o...

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