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Truth, God, religion

What is Truth? Is it the One we see or observe OR might it be still unknown to us?

by Pushkar Patil

Nashik — Why are we always looking for truth? Are we so much that dependent on what so called Truth is? What if the concept of truth is entirely different that what we’ve known until now. From so many years ...

cafes, God, mac

Lyn is glad to see that God is in Create Cafe.

by Steve Dearden

Wakefield — The mornings she sees him on her way to the library upstairs, she knows she will have a good day. The mornings he is not, she knows will be full of irritating enquiries from bad tempered people, or un...

God, Devil, Faith


by Lourdes Muñoz

Guatemala city — Tu gran truco, tu triunfo en estos tiempos es hacernos creer que no existes, prefieres ocultarte y que grandes poderes operen a traves de ti. Pero ahi estas, siempre activo, no te cansas de querer gan...

Hope, God


by Lourdes Muñoz

Guatemala city — “God doesn’t just “works His magic” in the way you (and I) often wish He would. Doing so would be contradictory to His relational nature which engages us in every season. His ultimate purpose is to gl...

God, Life, Free

Life for me @ this moment is just as good as the air; Completely endless in Growing, Leaning, And it all being Free. Thanks God for it all!!!

by Jace Hart

Fort worth — For i have no Clue what life is about to bring me. It is happening Fast. I some how i make up each move differently as i gladly stand, on the ground or jump up and down. At times i ask my self can any...

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