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Goodbyes, Sadness, Parenting

The saddest Narita of them all.

by Luis Mendo

Tako — Every time I’ve come to Narita airport from Tokyo, it has been a sad trip. The perspective of leaving this megapolis that feels like my cute little hometown, has always made me cry. Many of the times I’ve ridden the bus to this airport, the rides have felt like 10 minutes. But today was the saddest of them all. My 15 year old son has left Tokyo after living one year with me. The two of us. He ca...

Street Food, Memory, Goodbyes

Last Meal

by Charlie Grosso

Hanoi — There are only 8 meals left. Eight. Tonight’s dinner (which I will make at home), two full days of breakfast, lunch and dinner and a quick breakfast before this self-sanctioned exile is over. Discover...

gratitude, Goodbyes

The upside of goodbye (a letter to my students)

by Donovan Bui

Fountain valley — As I sign your yearbooks, and read the cards and letters you’ve written me, I see the upside of saying good-bye. There is an indefinite amount of goodwill, friendship, and hope that we finally can exp...

Goodbyes, Dreams

The dream of us is over.

by Sara Ashley

Harrisburg — Last night was the first time since it happened that I went to sleep without the assistance of alcohol or sleeping pills. This morning was the first morning I woke up feeling genuinely happy and disco...

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