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War, Remembering, Grandfathers

A simple, moving live memorial at Piccadilly this morning

by Steve Dearden

Manchester — Unlike all the usual ceremonies of remembrance - the marching, the trumpets, men with medals, sombre suited dignitaries laying wreaths - this touched me, and stayed with me all day and since. Unexpected, modest, quiet, simple, whenever I recall the experience or try to tell people how moved I was on Piccadilly Station the emotion wells up, still packed inside me. Maybe because I thought of my gr...

Verses for Emlyn, Grandfathers, family fun

Grandad Wade

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — Where is Emlyn? Where’s that boy? On Grandad’s knee, and oh what joy!


Not this soap.  

by Dani Z

Porto — I don’t have very many clear images of my Portuguese grandfather. I remember white teeth closing around the end of a cigar, a pipe, cigarettes. He was nicotine and silence, a man constructed more from...

Family, Grandfathers, Growing Up

The Special Moment That Made Me Truely Smile This Week.

by Mariah Hillis

Kingston — The past couple weeks have been interesting for me and my family. It was Christmas, a time for happiness, family, and if you’re a member of my family a large dose of crazy. Christmas happened in the u...

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