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gratitude, Prose poetry

Times like these

by Sanna Karlsson

Katrineholm — One should be grateful. Grateful for the late evening sunshine, yellow and lovingly caressing, for the sough in the trees, that soft, dancing sound of shivering aspen leaves, for voices and laughter in the background, they carry so well over water, Grateful for times like these. I’m sitting in a rickety, weathered chair, on a jetty so loosely tethered that every movement in this little lake cre...

Birthdays, gratitude, Presence

No time for a big adventure on my 30th birthday. But learning more and more to savor the humble moments.

by Aaron Palabyab

Santa rosa city — It’s three in the afternoon and we’ve just finished lunch at my brother’s house, two hours away from the chaos of central Metro Manila where I live. I’m kicking back with my phone reading through gree...

gratitude, soul, nature

In the calm of gratitude.

by Aparna K

Lucknow — Sometimes I take out moments; just random bits of prosaic, ordinary minutes out of my mundane days to hit pause and do nothing but listen; and in absolutely astounding yet innocently modest ways, the ...

Family, Future, gratitude

I was here.

by Nate Gerber

Toronto — Hi futurelings, human or otherwise. I want to share with you that today is a beautiful day. Here in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the sun is shining through gentle clouds and my skin feels war...

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