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Holy Places, father, health

I've had some of the most intimate conversations with my dad recently, as he waits to get out of hospital.

by Eddy Piasentin

Victoria — It’s been two weeks of daily visits, two weeks of getting to know him a bit better. Our conversations have ranged from his youth in Italy, working in Germany, to his life in Canada. In other circumstances I’d feel as though my relationship with him was deepening, becoming more substantial. That perhaps I’m offering him a long-needed channel for conversation and reflection. Trouble is, our conver...


This is not a musical instrument. This is not a weapon. This is something I had to swallow two weeks ago.

by Shu Kuge

Tokyo — The nurse gave me a paper cup with an ice cube of anesthetic drug in it. She instructed me to put it on my tongue and let it melt slowly. Don’t bite, don’t swallow. After it is dissolved, spit it out ...

New Music, health, music

That kind of month.

by Lia Pas

Saskatoon — The kind of month where all that gets me out of bed is excitement for the work I’m going to do. The kind of month where my exercise routine gets shorter instead of longer. The kind of month where th...

Today's Sunrise, Today's Coffee, health

Morning Cuppa

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — To say I rejoice in my first cup of coffee is no exaggeration. Within 20 minutes I go from bleary, grumpy, teary and tired to bright, energized and ready to meet the day. I suppose the sun rising b...

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