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Dating, Sadness, Heartbreak

your feet will be cut leading you to the tomb you all built.

by Henk Holveck

West hollywood — If the time machine wasn’t just wishful thinking. I would go back to our sweet beginnings, Spending days where it felt so natural. Days with no animosity, no anger, jealousy or regret. No despair, like I feel through my entire being. I hate having to know that you’re cutting me with your oblivious facade, goes left unspoken. I’m left grieving over something that would provide us both happine...

Love, Heartbreak, sad

heartbreak tastes like frozen tears, salty and sad with a side of loneliness, frozen in time.

by Cody Rendon

Mclean — A single tear fell onto my trembling lip, and slid onto my tongue and down my throat. I was at loss of words, frozen in time, that sharp moment of sadness and horror forever burned into my mind. We al...

Rainbow, Heartbreak, places

What I learnt about my breakup from the Rainbow.

by Arushi Chopra

Pune — This was the first ever rainbow, I’d seen and that too on a trip which will be my first ever road trip where I drove through the hills, for the first time. People in love will agree (I hope, they do)...

Heartbreak, Love, friends?

Realizing that the heartbreak that consumed you for most of year was the best thing that could've happened to you.

by Mariah Hillis

Saskatoon — A couple months back, this guy and I realized that we both had feelings for each other, but it all fell to pieces by the slight problem that he lived in Texas. Which is more the 2500 kilometers from w...

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