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The clutter of beguile

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — Deep in the heart of the verb ‘beguile” is the idea of deceptive charm. Beautiful clutter in a house beguiles us through the forthright honesty of the daily lives of things we love — juxtaposed to form new meanings, meanings which vanish when the objects are removed or separated. This is the cruel deception of the museum case. Or, the lies of sentences which bring words together in new ways,...

heritage, Design, craft

This traditional quilt, pretty old, grows on me every time I look at it. Love the dark side.

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — The style is apparently called ‘log cabin’. It resides on John’s bed which you will notice hangs from the ceiling on four strong chains.

heritage, indigenous, history

John's modest greystone house on the edge of town . . . delectable.

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — One hundred eighty five years ago (about), a small farm house was built 2 k from the Kaniatarowanenneh (Mohawk) River. The St. Lawrence River, as renamed by Jacques Cartier, is, by any measure, one o...

history, Architecture, heritage

Architecture worth preserving? That is the expensive question.

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — This is the former Canadian headquarters of Coca Cola. It, along with its one-storey bottling plant next door, was listed as a Heritage Property by the City of Toronto in May of 2013. By August, ther...

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