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Plants, Hobbies

Succulents 101

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — Don’t you love that sparkle in people’s eyes when they talk about things they’re super passionate about? It’s my favorite thing. After brunch this morning, I asked Dave about his plans for the rest o...

craft, Hobbies

Talk about feeling conspicuous!

by Adrian Tribe

London — I had the day off work today, as I had arranged to take my wife to a craft show at Earls Court Olympia: the Knitting and Stitching Show. This is the kind of thing that I knew she would really enjoy, ...

Comic Books, magic, Cards

All you need to know about my childhood

by Colin Wright

Columbia — Life is cyclical. I was in the gifted program as a child, and all of the students (and teachers) played a collectible card game called Magic: The Gathering. I snagged a deck, learned to play, and end...

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