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Homes, pets, Comrade Bunny

Home is where the rabbit feels relaxed.

by Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko

Tokyo — Being born in one country, growing up in another, and now living in a third, people often ask me: where do you feel home is? It’s quite simple. Home is wherever Comrade Bunny feels comfortable enough to relax. If it’s home enough for the little dude, it’s home enough for me!

Homes, Fireplaces, Saying Goodbye

Shala, goodbye.

by Craig Mod

Palo alto — I get emotional when I leave places — rooms, apartments, houses, countries. Whenever I leave my apartment in Japan, despite knowing well enough that I’ll be back soon, I can’t help but turn to the tin...

Change, Growing Up, Homes

We are buying an apartment and leaving the city.

by Kenneth Cooke

New york — I can’t say that it’s the order of operations one usually imagines. I certainly didn’t. After all, apartments are the essence of city living. I always hoped it would be a house we’d leave for. But reg...

Morning, Pain, Homes

Early autumn, mist consumes the SkyTree.

by Johnny Linnert

Tokyo — The shag carpet itched and left indentations on my face as I slowly lifted my head from the floor. So as not to pull a trapezius muscle, I slowly, carefully pulled myself up to the window hazily lit b...

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