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Death, Hope, sunset

Life's sunset

by Adrian Tribe

Waterlooville — My Dad reached life’s sunset on Thursday evening, 10 March, at 8.10pm. He was exactly midway between 80 and 81 - not a bad age at all. Towards the end, his vascular dementia had taken its toll and he lost his appetite and his thirst, linked presumably with the fact that he couldn’t swallow anymore. His weight inevitably declined as the last few weeks passed, and as my step mother remarked at on...

America's Legal System, Sexual Assault, Hope

Just because they are 'innocent', doesn't mean they are not guilty.

by Katja Stephanos

Lewes — Sarah is a girl I met when I lived in Arizona Sarah had been a good friend of mine for a few years before her incident and so when I had heard what she went through I became very consumed by the topic...

running, accidents, Hope

The day I fell while running was full of blue sky and sunshine.

by Angie Shinozaki

Detroit — Humans are born with only two fears. One of them is the fear of falling. Even though I’m a runner, I never really gave much thought to this. Then on June 2, 2011, I fell on my face. I will never f...

alone, Despair, Hope


by Madhav Gharmalkar

Bass lake — “Birds of a feather flock together” The red birds will associate with the reds, the blues with the blues, the greens, the yellows… you get it. Every bird will find somewhere to fit. Now say that t...

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