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Emergency Sex. Do you want company?

by Charlie Grosso

Zanzibar town — It all started with Richard. I walk into the dive center for the first day of the four-day PADI course. At the sight of Richard, dormant desires are jolted awake and I am in trouble. A head of dark blond hair bleached to a blinding gold by the sun, barely contained under a cap. A killer British accent with fine lines around the eyes, twinkle of intelligence and mischief within. He channels Robert...

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Rêve d'hotel. 

by Nisan Gogo

Saint-denis — Jeudi 10 juillet 2014 Rêvé que le Printemps Haussman, les Galeries Lafayette étaient un hôtel et qu’avant de monter dans ma chambre j’allais prendre une glace Hagen-Daaz tomate framboise. Toujours si...

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by So-Shan Au

Shenzhen — This is what happens after hours at a hotel. We arrived at one thirty in the morning, checking in, after a delayed flight and long taxi queue. Tired and a little cranky, this sight put me in a happie...

Travel, photography, Views from a window

Photographing the photographer

by So-Shan Au

Hong kong — I love spying on the world from a hotel window.

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