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Brando's room

by Craig Mod

Higashiyama ward — “Most Japanese girls giggle,” begins Capote’s 1957 profile on Marlon Brando for The New Yorker. I first came across this piece a few years ago during my Capote phase in which I was hunting down and devouring any and every piece of his writing I could find. This one resonated in a particularly powerful way. Capote wasn’t just profiling Brando, he was profiling him in a post-war Kyoto that I had ne...

New York, Hotels, Today's office

New vertical commute.

by Kristen Taylor

New york — I take the express in the mornings. Eleven stops, but only the two last hop neighborhoods, the Financial District to 14th to Herald Square, twenty blocks in a gulp. This was a city center once, when t...

Views from a window, Hotels, Beautiful Light

Beautiful late evening sunlight.

by Craig Mod

Wellington — I’m in Wellington, New Zealand, a point on a map, but my soul — as William Gibson likes to say — is lagged. Somewhere over the Pacific. Lost. I was in Tokyo yesterday and San Francisco just a few days...

Hotels, Art, Surreal

Hell is colorful

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Berlin — Yes, this seems to be a classical painting. At first. But if you take a closer look there’s something amiss. Quite a lot, truth be told. After some scrutiny, anyone with a dime’s worth of taste can se...

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