How We Eat

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How we eat, wine, stories a meadow of vines, greeting the unexpected, the weird & the wonderful.

by Chris DeBarr

Gaston — After a lifetime of drinking, selling and cooking for the pleasures of the table, finally I met the land of fabled vines…the first of a series of explorations. This is the first wine I drank from v...

How we eat, wine, stories

What happens when a New Orleans chef finds pirate wine & Szechuan food side-by-side? Joyful mischief ensues...

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — We are all searching for our tribe whenever circumstances propel this one & only life we each & every unique one of us carry, like a hobo knapsack of our dreams & achievements & all th...

How we eat

Heads down, hands and eyes on the katsu, at the Kanda teishoku peep show.

by Chris Palmieri

Tokyo — 定 tei – fixed, constant / 食 shoku – food, meal Most restaurants in Tokyo are hard-coded to satisfy a specific person or group of people, at a specific moment in their existence, with just the right...

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