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archeology, relics, humanity


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — Some 30000 years ago, someone had something to say on the nature of mammoth. I once held a hand axe, 200000 years of age, which had been found in the Sahara. What a strange moment that was. I couldn’t help wondering what they were like. Unfortunately the stone was mumbling in too low a voice.

brussels, Terrorism, humanity

We need safer places and we need it now

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — No amount of security can stop a bomber from blowing themselves if they dont value your or my life. Brussels attack may expose a major flaw in airports security where anyone with any bag can enter alm...

#100HappyDays, balcony gardening, humanity

Day 33 #100HappyDays: Back to nature

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — I popped to the garden centre today, in the hope of getting some inspiration for my balcony gardening. But my happy trip was interrupted by a drunken man at the bus stop, spouting his racist opinions ...

healthcare, citylife, humanity

Testing patience of a patient

by Sanjay Pandey

Ahmedabad — What is the value of human life in India? A New York Times or Washington Post dedicates its front page reporting what India’s newspapers hides in near its advertisements. 23 people dying after a bus f...

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