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Culture, Identity, Youth

The Sweep

by Carla D

Willoughby — Throwing cards down on the table always felt like love. He’d learnt the pleasure as a kid, eyes barely breaching the table top, sweat from the day’s toil swimming amongst cigarette fumes, paint-stripper wine, cries and interjections, the tally of points. He didn’t care then that he didn’t properly understand, he just loved watching shapes slapped down and swept away. Clubs, coins, cups, blades. T...

Culture, Identity, history

Practically Forgotten

by Carla D

Salaparuta — “When lifestyle, livelihood, social connections, belonging, knowledge, power, prestige, esteem, the roof over your head, the ground beneath your feet, your history, your traditions, your language, you...

Travel, Holy Places, Identity

See Me For Who I Am

by June Howell

New orleans — In the light of day, Jackson Square puts on her make-up – an eyeshadow of colorful artwork on her fences, a blush of pink on her sun-setting skyline, a rouge of fire in the piercing blows of the stree...

home, Identity, college

On identity, or why I am obsessed with my college.

by Yiling Ding

Tokyo — It is graduation season again, and my Facebook News Feed is flooded with photos of beaming faces in black gowns. I am overcome by a wave of nostalgia. Suddenly, I am craving raw oysters, New England c...

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