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relationships, Independence

Do we expect too much of relationships?

by Sara

Newtown — I think we do… I think I do… We expect that our partner will be caring, attentive and dependable. Our partner becomes the ‘other half’ of our soul and our living experience, as if we alone are no...

Independence, Celebration

Happy Independence Day Indonesia

by AMYunus Mas

Tangerang — Every year, Indonesia as an independent country, people celebrate its independence day in many ways. Some will hold fun and easy contest, such as makan krupuk, kepruk kendil, panjat pinang. Some hold ...

Family, Independence, history

She always fought for her family. She is learning to fight for herself now.

by Paul Farmiga

Passaic — Fought off the Communists and Nazi’s as a teenager when they invaded her homeland. Fought off disease as she gave birth in a Displaced Person’s camp. Fought off life’s challenges to provide for her po...

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