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industry, Ruins, history


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Völklingen — The comparisons & associations come easy, and they still hold true: these derelict behemoths of heavy industry do look like the remnants of an alien civilization which fled the planet. The giant machine above is only a very small part of the whole plant. In 1965, at the height of it’s expansion, 17.500 people worked there. A city within a city (of only 40.000, all told). What are you going to...

nature, industry, Shopping


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Ullared — Of course you can see that giant Swedish shopping mall in the middle of seemingly pristine nature as something which doesn’t belong there. It’s not necessarily beautiful as a whole, it’s a place where...

industry, Culture, Thoughts

dreamings ~ in medias res ~ in miniature

by Lora Rivera

Kansas city — The train store in that shopping mall was not beglamoured by Christmas lights. No baubles, ribbons, jingle bells, evergreens. Not a place for children. None of the usual aural suspects, either. No ch...

Fire, Memory, industry

Last night Drummond Mill burned down

by Steve Dearden

Bradford — The first question West Yorkshire people ask is, ‘Was it a Bradford fire?’ Meaning not Was it in Bradford, but was it deliberately set to solve the problem of a large redundant building standing on l...

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