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A funny thing happened when leaving for the airport.

by Lia Pas

Tulum — Ed pulled our last bottle of water off the shelf and was about to open it when I noticed a huge spider on the side of the bottle. Huge, as in a leg span of 2 inches. Huge for a Canadian to see. Now, I love insects. I used to collect them when I was little and still have a thing about petting caterpillars (except for the poisonous ones in Japan, I didn’t pet those). Insects love my husband Ed. Th...

Holidays, Insects, beauty

Dragons and Damsels (in distress?)

by Adrian Tribe

Great yarmouth — One of the many delights on the Norfolk Broads is the abundance of insects that love being around water. The photo above shows a beautiful Dragonfly - a male Common Darter I believe. These sometimes...


I've always been attracted to ladybird beetles, and them to me. So happy to catch this moment.

by Glenn Fleishman

Seattle — It was a very happy accident. I just received a telephoto lens for this mirrorless camera — it’s a 55–210mm, but I don’t usually get into the fussy stuff. I just found I wanted to reach out farther wi...

Dreams, Insects, Dream Interpretations

What Do Insects in Dreams Mean?

by Lorelai Vano

London — Bugs have survived, evolved and adapted for millions of years, before humans even existed, yet most humans still consider them inferior. Insects are diverse and resilient, throughout history they’ve s...

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